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Your contribution of any amount will go directly to support ESPWA’s efforts in building the capacity of Haitian organizations and communities. Every donation helps us sustain and potentially expand our efforts to support the work of Haitian organizations.  Your donation will also support initiatives such as an on-line catalogue of vetted organizations supportable by donors committed to the reconstruction of Haiti.


Establishing a Community Foundation is hard work and is our highest priority.  We have been doing it so far with mostly volunteer labor and limited funding in a Haiti’s challenging development context where communities and their leaders have been traditionally excluded from the decision-making process.  Our efforts have required endurance, commitment and faith in the “Haiti that can be”.   They have also required a massive mobilization.

Much work has been done, but there is so much more yet to be done. We invite you to become a partner. Consider the following partnership opportunities.

Administrative Support

We have secured an office for the Haiti Community Foundation. ESPWA is in need of donated space in Port-au-Prince and can benefit from the gift of office equipment, supplies, etc. Our other needs include: the development of a data base; event’s planning; fundraising research; graphic design; translation (French, Creole and English).


Haiti’s roads are difficult.  We need a solid all-terrain vehicle in the Grand ‘Anse region which is our Pilot Region.

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Join our team of volunteers on the ground in Haiti to help organizing and run our projects and events. ESPWA depends on enthusiastic volunteer support, commitment and faith in the Haiti that can be.