Haiti: Reconstructing Hope

“Our work has been relentlessly reconstructing hope for a vision that includes Haitians,” explained Marie-Rose Romain Murphy, executive director of Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action, which received grant support in 2014-2015 from the Inter-American Foundation (IAF), an independent U.S. development assistance agency focused on Latin America and the Caribbean. Read more

Haiti Community Foundation Initiative learns from Kenya

“My visit to Kenya also made a difference for me in how I feel as a person. I felt so connected; our human experience and roots being so similar, we could identify to all the issues at stake. I was also inspired by the refreshing level of humanity and strength of many of the people we met. In a world in which trends are often governed by superficial matters, we need such contacts in our fight for the prevalence of equity en justice.” Caroline Hudicourt, HCFI Steering Committee Member. Read more.

Second community foundation workshop

Conversations about the creation of a community foundation in Haiti have been ongoing over the last year or so as part of a process initiated by Espwa and the Puerto Rico Community Foundation and supported by the GFCF, the Kellogg Foundation and the Inter-American Foundation. An initial workshop to discuss the idea was held in Haiti last year which brought together an initial group of community and business leaders, diaspora and funders. On January 31st and February 1st 2012 a second workshop was held in Port au Prince to take the idea further. Read more

Exploring the idea of a community foundation for Haiti

“How can we get long term reconstruction and development that is Haitian-led and owned?” This was the topic of a two-day meeting held on Haiti’s Arcahaie Coast in late July 2011 which brought together a diverse cross-section of Haitians from civil society organizations, business institutions, members of the Haitian Diaspora and representatives of international foundations. Read more